Photo of two students with a pile of books in the foregroundWhen you have written a first draft of the text, the work of revising the text begins. Remember that you may need to take a break from the text to be able to read it with fresh eyes and discover things you had missed before. Every reading offers the chance to discover both simple typing errors and possibilities for improvement.


To revise the text means to read through and find possibilities for clarification and improvement of the text. Think of both how the text works as a whole, and how the different parts of the text work separately. You may consider the following:

Outline – does the text follow an outline model that supports the text type and the clarity? Should any paragraphs or sentences be moved?

Communication – do the main ideas of the text appear clearly at a first reading through? A text should work as communication to the reader. If it is difficult to penetrate and understand the reader’s impression of the text is more negative.

It can be helpful to have someone else read through the text and suggest changes, but also remember that you are responsible for your text.

You are responsible for your text, therefore, only make those changes of the text you believe are justified.


Editing the text increases the legibility and makes it easier for the reader to become familiar with and know their way around the text. Therefore, make sure that the text follows the appropriate text type pattern. All text types have a specific text type pattern, which allows the readers to easily know what type of text they are reading, and thereby expectations are also created on the purpose of the text.

Also bear in mind that the font should work for the text type and be consistently used throughout the text. If you have written a text with headings on different levels, it is important that the font differs between the different levels of headings and the body text, and also that the font is the same for all headings on the same level. There are often directions on font, headings, font size, line spacing, etc. in the assignment instructions.


When you proofread a text you check the punctuation and spelling. Are you sure that the spelling and punctuation is correct? Incorrect sentence structure, choice of words, spelling or punctuation lessens the impression of the text, while a correct text enhances and facilitates the reading.

Make use of the grammar and spelling check in Word: Review > Spelling & Grammar

It is a good idea to ask someone else to help you proofread your text. It is easy to become blind to your own mistakes, and read things into the text that are actually not there.